About Maha

A Discovery-Filled Journey


Expression. Exploration. Inspiration. Those three pillars typify the transformational work of Maha – artist, sculptor and imaginative mentor. Persian-born and Melbourne-educated with a Masters Degree in Fine Arts-Painting, Maha sees her art as a reflection of the beauty of nature and people, as well as the wondrous complexities of life.

Though skilled in a wide range of art forms and media, Maha specializes in acrylics, often on canvas, aluminum, brass and gold sheet.

She has created many large form pieces, each one expressing elements of joy, freedom, and creativity.

A Discovery-Filled Journey

Maha’s sense of expression comes from the experiences of her own struggles. Her affinity for art and design began at an early age, and she soon began developing her own distinct skills. But her native Iran discouraged artistic expression, and she soon realized the futility of trying to display her art or teach others without stifling constraints.

Her quest for self-realization through her art took Maha ultimately to the United States, where her work has blossomed. She has been commissioned to create her dynamic, eye-catching acrylics, wall art and high relief sculptures for many corporate entities, exhibit spaces, and exquisite private homes. In addition, Maha finds tremendous satisfaction in teaching art classes, where young students of all backgrounds can hone newly developing skills.

Expression with a Purpose

Maha says of her craft, “Art is meant to be created for individual interpretation. My goal is to provide a catalyst for others to experience joy, wonder, amusement, illumination, and inspiration. If I have provided a connection in some positive way, then my work is a success.”

Now, in her adopted country, Maha’s eclectic creations continue to reflect her newfound freedom of ideas through a wide variety of imaginative, thought-provoking art pieces. Maha sees each work of art as a conduit to self-awareness, a special way to help create a better life and a better world.

Maha Shishehgar - Large Format Paintings